Launched at The Northern College in September 2015, Tutor Voices is a democratic, campaigning network for educators who have not got cynical.

We have no funding and no formal structure.  We currently operate rhizomatically across a range of social media, conference attendances and other opportunities to be together. Although we resist forming a traditional hierarchy (we don’t all agree on that), we do have an aspiration to try and get together once a year.

We have a ‘membership’ (an email list!) of 200+ and an active Facebook Group of 300+

We are currently focusing on social media campaigns around the visibility, voice and influence of further (adult, community, skills) education.  We are also developing a critical pedagogy COOC (Community Open Online Course).

Please note that, whilst the website www.tutorvoices.wordpress.com is also us, that site is sadly not live at the moment.

We are committed to being completely transparent; below you will find a link to a Padlet, which has lots of information about our first organising conference in September 2015.

Above all, we are our members.  This community will only work if there are enough people prepared to be active in whatever way they can.  Whether you write, speak, tweet, join the Facebook discussions, run a local ‘rhizome’ meeting, help build the COOC or whatever – you are very welcome.

You can contact us at tutorvoices@gmail.com or @tutorvoices